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Un véritable outil dans la gestion de votre Patrimoine. C’est l’outil idéal pour optimiser vos placements ainsi que votre succession tout en préparant votre retraite. Mais attention, bien que le cadre juridique soit excellent, tout les produits ne se valent pas. Pour vous apporter la solution la mieux adaptée, faites confiance à un professionnel indépendant.

Realise an investment that reduces your taxes

In this time of uncertainty concerning the governmental retirement pensions, the best solution to be sure to have sufficient income during the retirement is to create it yourself. The PERP contract is a powerful tool in this, as it offers you a considerable and unlimited tax advantage.

Our clients’ voice

 A friend recommended La Financière des Alpes, they were very responsive to my demands and analysed my case rapidly. I appreciate the availability of the unique advisor and the fact that I did not have to repeat my story to more than one person; I really did not have the time to. In an emergency I could lean on the shoulder of the advisor to deal with my case quickly and efficiently, resulting in a solution that I could never have obtained myself.
Christophe O. Client de Fda


PEA even better

All the advantages that the PEA offers, and even more…By opting for the framework of the PEA contract of capitalisation, you have already all the benefits of the PEA banking account, like concerning the ISF-tax and the possibility to have an advance before the end of the contract. Do not hesitate to contact your advisor to learn more about this.

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