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Advice concerning savings, retirement and precaution

Private Persons

You would like to prepare your future and those of your beloved ones? To forward your heritage securely? You are looking for solutions to prepare a retirement and to constitute a capital to provide for your future? You would like to optimise your savings or to reduce your taxes? La Financière des Alpes helps you to achieve your goals and to select between the available solutions on the market the best one regarding your savings, retirement or precaution.


You are self-employed or exercising a liberal profession? You like to be protected against the financial consequences of illness or like to prepare your retirement? Our financial advisors, specialised in estate management and heritages will analyse with you which potential options can align personal and professional future, respecting completely your wishes.


You think of enhancing the loyalty of your employees by proposing an attractive salary in combination with a savings program? You are looking for a health insurance company that complies with the needs of your enterprise? Our advisors specialised in precaution compare the offers of the precaution insurance companies to help you to find the best offer in the market.

Our clients’ voice

A friend recommended La Financière des Alpes, they were very responsive to my demands and analysed my case rapidly. I appreciate the availability of the unique advisor and the fact that I did not have to repeat my story to different people, I really did not have the time to. In an emergency I could lean on the shoulder of the advisor to deal with my case quickly and efficiently, resulting in a solution that I could never have obtained myself.
Jean-François R. Client de Fda

Our solutions for saving, retirement and precaution

Health insurance brokerage

The advisors of La Financière des Alpes compare the offers of health insurance companies to help private persons and professionals to find the Health Insurance that is best for their specific situation and needs. To find a solution for enterprises, they compare the specific offers of the Group Insurance Companies to help them to find the best way to insure their employees

Prepare your future and the future of your beloved ones

Our agency proposes solutions to provide you with a daily financial compensation in case of illness or accident, preventing you to work. Likewise, our advisors help you constituting a capital that will serve to finance your retirement, for private persons or professionals; they can also propose enterprises concerning savings plans for their employees.

Some solutions for saving and collective remuneration

Our specialists in asset management accompany you

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